Sweet Undertow - New Album March 16

Sweet Undertow is a lowdown, honeyed-up blues shakedown - based out of San Francisco, CA. It’s New music - like Tom Waits and Tom Petty had a baby and named it George Clinton.


Sweet Undertow is based out of San Francisco, CA - A brand new sound that you've never heard before. 

Long, wild years on the road, mixed with a deep base in roots, blues and shakedowns - like Joe Cocker playing with Creedence and the JBs - shaped Sweet Undertow into a modern explosion of new sound. Sweet Undertow has played across America, India, Ukraine, France, Singapore and Vietnam and now consists of: 


Sweet Eddy Undertow: Guitar, voicebox

Sweet Jim Semitekol - Guitar

Sweet Dave Tavel - shakers, thumpers

Members emeritus: Sweet Scotty Krenitski: fiddle, keys // Sweet Shane Darcey: Drums, tango // Sweet Paul Hannah - Bass, Tuba


Sweet Undertow is coming to shake whatcha grandmomma gave ya.